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22 December 2008

google adsense ppc

If you are just starting to blog you will definitely have doubt with a pay per click program by Google Adsense? Well, yes I am not going to hide my doubt with this pay per click program endorsed in the internet particular by Google Adsense, perhaps, not until today when the report shows I have a total earning of 5 bucks!. You can't imagine the excitement i had knowing i earned 5 bucks! Well who wouldn’t get excited? In a month, considering the low traffic and with my not so yet established site I was able to earn 5 bucks! Well, hey! I cannot get 5 bucks anywhere, only with Google Adsense. Anyways, Google Adsense pays an average from .01 cent to .10 cents a click. Well, ultimately, this cent per click, would induce if you have a colossal numbers of unique visitors. Again, this is a work in progress and my observation is that, putting the right keywords (technology; computer; gadget; etc; ) you can get the most of your pay per click in your google adsense. Of course, you must first know how to manage a website. Without the right amount of traffic and dedication, your website will not earn any hits or money at all.

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simply jesse on December 23, 2008 at 3:35 PM said...

well good for you! happy blogging and hope you earn more!


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