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20 December 2008

Viral Search Engine

One of many affiliate germane tools you should consider. Insert one line of code (you can get it for free) into the html of a page on your website where you would like the formatter to appear then follow through. It works four ways; (1) It will drive visitors back to your site as you have a utility they will want to use repeatedly; (2) The banner carries your affiliate link when people click on it; (3)Your viewer can follow a link to get one line of the code for their site. When they do that, they do it all with your affiliate information; (4)Your viewer can receive awesome gifts by passing the tool to their friends. This is through our Viral Inviter script which let your visitors log in to their email provider and then importing all of their contacts which then receive the email, they follow a link and so forth. Anew, all of these contacts will display your affiliate information.

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