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11 December 2008


Philippine pigs found with Ebola Reston virus Philippine Health and Agriculture officials disclosed, pigs in north luzon hog farms have been found infected with the Ebola Reston virus, a strain not harmful to humans, though, this disclosure will definitely brought scare to our meat consumer as well as to hog raiser. The testing shows the virus is a "low level" pathogen that's why Health Sec Francisco Duque advise the public that it is safe to eat pork provided that the pork is properly handled and thoroughly cooked. Always look for the "NMIS" tag to ensure the meat is properly inspected and approved for consumption. Meanwhile, As per Sec Arthur Yap, the affected farms in three northern Philippine provinces have been quarantined and farm and slaughterhouse workers who might have been exposed all tested negative for Ebola Reston. And as a precaution, all pork exports have been suspended until further notice.

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