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18 February 2009


In today’s busy world, life can be full of anxiety and STRESS that corrupted the normal state of the human mind and body – are total health and relaxation. The big “S” is the culprit to unsound mind and body. I remember, several year ago I was diagnosed with “toxic goiter” due to stresses which trap my health and emotions that aggravated the illness. Fortunately, I coped without undergoing an operation. Anyways, don’t let stress caught you to the point of total suffering instead create your cope mechanism to deal with it.

Reducing your level of stress will give you increased energy and clarity of thoughts, adding to your ability to operate effectively.

“Every now and then, go away. Take a little relaxation, because when you come back to your work, your judgment will be surer. To remain constantly at work will cause you to lose the power of judgment. Go some distance away, because then the work appears smaller and more of it can be taken in at a glance, and lack of harmony or proportion is more readily seen.” - leonardo da vinci

How this misuse of our minds and emotion resulting to stress can be controlled? Consider these:

Prayer – start the day with a prayer. Smile and endow praising word about yourself.

Exercise – 15 to 20 minutes exercise is sufficient to stretch your muscle tension and fatigue. A sound body is a sound mind.

Positive Affirmation – our life each day can be viewed as a gush of associated trial - some positive some are not. It is up for us to choose how we respond or react to the event or trial. Most likely 85 % that trigger stress reaction is by our negative thoughts. So, use of mind correctly to reduce stress level.

Avoid making value judgment about people or event – just or unjust, pleasant or sickening, right or wrong.

Mind set – do not hang your emotions on the result of events whether it is positive or negative. Learn to loosen your mind on high expectation or demands instead consider preference and perceive results of each event to be neutral. Never entertains disappointment or self criticism, always have an alternative.

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Anonymous said...

I am always got stress when I see boss..should i kill her? i don't think so..she hot! i'm stress out thinking how taste her.....


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