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21 April 2009

Office Job and Blogging related Illness

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Currently, hundred of millions of us are exposed with prolonged sitting at desk and staring at computers many hours, 5 to 6 days a week. These number hardly call up images of people living dangerously, sitting at desk to earn a living can have serious adverse affects on a person’s health. So before you spend another slogging it out on your computer, stop and consider the health risk lurking in your work place like as follows; Muscle Pains Medical expert called it as cumulative trauma disorder (CTD), the muscle, tendons and nerves are inflamed or swollen. The most common recognized injury among office worker after spending long hours of work at the office are: low back pain, neck and shoulder, arms and carpal tunnel syndrome which affect the wrist that can also occur in the fingers. Computer Eyestrain Ophthalmologists says, prolonged staring at a computer screen without a break plus the dying effect of an air conditioning and low humidity in the office can cause eyestrain. The symptoms of computer eyestrain can be dry, stinging eyes, blurring of vision or even headache. Respiratory Problem Because, basically many buildings are tight sealed to conserve energy, as a result office air is often recycled and air conditioning system are used to control ventilation. So poorly maintained air condition as well as the toxins from photocopier and dust, compromise indoor air quality can cause Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) as expert would call it. Dizziness, headaches, stuffy nose, fatigue and poor concentration are the symptoms of SBS, though it disappears when we breathe fresh air and spend time away form the office.
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