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25 April 2009

rich Keyword work as SEO

The increasing number of money-spinning opportunities spreading in the entire blogsphere, is a bit baffling for blogger especially for the newbie. It’s no more a question on how to make money online, because it is already given. Even so, blogger should have a good writing skill, because article writing is one of the best tools to make money online on the other hand, a full pocket of strategies and know how should also be considered. In my 6 months of blogging I have explored many ideas coming from interesting contributors which until now am having a hard time comprehending. Anyways, here is one idea I learn from the respected experts: In writing an article as much as possible, add in search engine optimization or SEO features (you can visit respected SEO expert for informative views) in your article. Use rich keywords that have been considered to be among the widely searched keywords by internet users. Having done it right will take your site closer to possible viewers, as a result add tons of traffic to your site. KEEP IN MIND, placing of too many keywords will dilute the strength of the keywords in your article and may drive your site to the bottom along with other spam-labeled article. Additional tip is to create links with other sites and blogs. Insert advertising links, this is one way to make money online at the same direct your readers to fully understand your topics.

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dkgj on April 26, 2009 at 1:27 PM said...

nice content...though i expect more next time


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