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01 April 2009

tips to make money blogging - Google Adsense

For newbie, having Google Adsense placed on your site is a great way to make money. I have gathered these few ideas to share with you: Getting Started Sign up an account with Google Adsensefor free -click here. then, follow the easy step by step instructions on how you can activate your account, how it works and how you can make money blogging that easy. There are some rules though, so, am suggesting you consider reading the Google Adsense policies to make sure that you are entitling for legitimate earnings. Right Keyword Concentrate with the keyword –your keyword should include the particular topic on your site because the keyword will be the basis for Google Adsense to dispense ads on your site. Try to keep your keyword as related as possible to the content. Visit this site for more information and figure out if you are using the right keyword or not. Right Format, Customization, Placement, and Quantity Basically, you have to choose the right format. Google Adsense earners recommend the following; 468x15 - text ads 336x280 - large rectangle 160x600 - wide skyscraper. Customize the color of your ads that will blend to your theme. Where to place your ads is also a big factor. – study adsense. Number of ads – google adsense allowed up to three ads per site. Write Frequently Keep your site up to date. Write articles of your interest, this way you will be buoyant writing post more often. Write interesting and new article everyday to keep your visitors from coming and increase the probability that you may get a click (you get paid for every click) from the targeted ads placed on your site. Always write original content.

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Anonymous said...

nice content..very helpful tips..thanks

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