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20 December 2010

CAn Money buy hApPineSS?

-this make money blogging just got into my vein and i can't manage to bear the brunt of it...anyways, lets talk about money! can you live without money? no i isn't everything but let's get real, you can't live without it...for me happiness is coupled with money...well, maybe if you're a sentimental one you could probably be happy even without money...though i feel happy when am at home -being with my wife and four kids, but after i realized that my life is hangs by a thread and have to take care of home the happiness burned down by sadness and guilt... the line "you don't need money to be happy" is not for me..but probably for those who were born with the golden spoon... lets not be a hypocrite! money is a necessity...imagine what you can do with lots and lots of can help more generously; you can send your kids to a great school;your assured of better future for your family ..that's why am really contemplating  how to make lots of money..legally of course..(laugh)..toss a coin for me...should i stop dreaming winning a jackpot prize in lotto or should i bet more....? by the way, try following this link

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my site on May 15, 2009 at 1:56 PM said...

you are very right is not everything but its almost everything to me..


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