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15 May 2009


Do you feel pain or burning sensation in the chest? well, you should be aware that you are suffering heartburn...but experts says its vital we find out if the problem is digestive or cardiac..when you get heartburn right after you eat, its probably digestive in nature -experts refer to heartburn as reflux (it occurs when natural acid produced by the stomach comes back up through the esophagus, inflaming tender tissue). But if you have the same pain during or after exercise, it may be heart-related. What causes reflux? If the food and acid move through the digestive system too slowly, they sit too long and become irritants, it causes pain or discomfort..also, eating too much and then lying down can cause heartburn...find out more about reflux home remedies that work -eat small meals a day -drink lukewarm-not cold- water;raise the head of your bed 6 inches to let gravity help your digestion;avoid lying down after eating;eat dinner at an early hour... if your best efforts at controlling your symptoms have failed, we should see a doctor. Recurrent heartburn is a symptom. Only our doctor can help you determine what our body is really trying to tell us.

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Anonymous said...

nice i know where to categorize which is which...


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