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25 December 2010

Relaxation technique

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I have published several topics on how to fight stress. Then again, I’d like to share another related topic on fatigue and stress. You may be one – [including me] of the countless people plagued by fatigue – would this be physically or feeling mentally will leads a visit to the doctor. We all need a time out from stressful and exhausting activity at work. Experts says fatigue and stress comes partly from ignoring are limits in society where sleep and relaxation are lacking. Relax! Probably, each one of us has own techniques for relaxing, though no one method is better than the other. Anyways, here some techniques we can all try. Play a relaxing music background like VIA DOLOROSA by sandi patty ---------------- Now playing: Sandi Patty - Via Dolorosa via FoxyTunesy Breathing Exercise – a good and easy technique. 1.Sit or lie down in comfortable position then place your hand in your stomach 2.Inhale slowly and deeply through your nose then hold breath for a few second 3.Then, exhale all your air slowly through your mouth 4.Repeat steps 3 several times Stretching Exercises -this is an easiest way to loosen or unscrew “knots” in your muscles. You can do variety of exercise like shoulder stretch; back bend and the likes. Progressive Relaxation –this technique reacquaints your body with the sensation of muscular relaxation. It is a process of tightening and releasing, and feeling the sensations in your body. 1.Tighten your hand muscles by making a fist. Feel tension in your hand; hold this position for a few seconds. 2.Relax your fist, letting the tension melt away. 3.Repeat these steps with each muscle group in your body such as: your arms, face, back, neck, chest, stomach legs and feet. Visualization – this technique is builds on the principle of mind over mater. It uses mental commands to reverse physical symptoms such as cold, sweaty hands. By telling yourself you feel warm and heavy, your body begins to relax; it learns to follow your thoughts. 1.Sit comfortably, loosen any tight clothing [oops…don’t get naked], close your eyes and try to clear your mind and picture a tranquil setting. 2.Mentally focus on your right arm, and think of your right arm to feel warm, until it feels warmer and heavier. 3.Visualize feeling calm, warm and relaxed 4.Repeat the same command with the rest of your body until you completely relaxed.
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