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24 June 2009

BUILDing kid's confidence

What do children need most to grow into healthy, successful adults? SELF-CONFIDENCE say the experts. Here are few suggestion we parents can do to bolster our child self-confidence: ACCENTUATE THE POSITIVE -Stop at least once a day to look for something you really like about your child and mention it to them. START EARLY -Building a child's self-esteem starts from birth. The key is "unconditional love". If a child feel a parent's affection, confidence will develop naturally. RESPECT YOUR CHILD'S RIGHT -Remember that kids deserve the same respectful treatment that you would automatically extend to other adults. SOme examples: do not interrupt your child when he is trying to tell something. Don't "borrow" a child's belonging without asking and never belittle your children in front of their peers and other adults.

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3 comments on "BUILDing kid's confidence"

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Anonymous said...

yes i agree..proper parenting is a big factor to build child self-condifence

Anonymous said...

confidence for kids is very very important...its their capital to success

Anonymous said...

it should start with the parents


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