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27 January 2009

Addicted to BLog

After fourteen (14) questions, I was rated 84% addicted in blogging by mingle2. Isn’t the truth? Well, I’m an addict I suppose. Maybe because I just got started and excited about the thing I have done in my blog site. Though, I cannot classify myself to belong in the rank of full timers or professional bloggers because until now, I still blog about anything and not carrying individuality. I know I should have think of a theme before I started putting up my site, but I can’t think of any at the moment of a theme that would not just be a copy cat of another blog site.
84%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

This is a confession; I will admit that I created my site, basically, because of the bucks attached to it. I was etched with the enticing invitation and advertisement on how they make money in blogging. Ostensibly, I, desperately looking for any chances that I could make an extra income too, so I created this site. Later on, I have realized that I’m not one of them, my understanding are afar from those gaining an income through blogging. A month ago, I was so jolly to announce my earnings (5 bucks) from adsense, but that’s the last of it, I guess. The more my thoughts are anxious with the dollar ($) sign, the more I become addicted. Unfortunately, I cannot withdraw a penny, but just ate most of my time and a little of my money, which should have been allotted to pay other obligation. Maybe I should avert my thoughts about money making links, instead, concentrate on posting about thing that would make me feel better and use my site as a converter where I can liberate my depression, happiness, anger, frustration, aspiration and my success. I will not delete nor quit my blog site. Limiting it from becoming an addict would be just fine.

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