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05 January 2009

dropping by!

The 2008 comes to an end, it was a good thing we took almost a two-week vacation from December 24 to January 4. It gives us time to reflect on the past and consider what is in the offing for us the coming year. For some bloggers who were able to increase their earnings or should I say “got lucky,” in the year 2008, including me, well, in a sense that my baby girl was born in this year. By the way, my earnings with adsense and adgitize are still the same but I got more traffic now. So, I think, 2008 was a wonderful year despite of the financial crisis. For full time blogger it has been like watching a continuous sporting event without letup in action. On the other side, forecast for year 2009 which is beneficial to us all is - gasoline will fall to the P20- to P25-a-liter range. There is very little that the oil-producing nations can do in limiting production. Global consumption has been falling so much and the oil-producing countries cannot afford to see daily volume drop much more, regardless of the price they must sell their oil. Many companies will experience dramatic increases in profits because of cheaper fuel costs (recession will be stopped and I can keep my job; my office and computer of course; my wife; (laugh..) ). So, corporate companies should consider giving salary/merit increase to their employees during the 1st quarter of 2009. (laugh…)

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