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15 January 2009

Prevention and COntrol of HIGH Blood Pressure

HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE Blood pressure is the force blood exerts against blood vessel walls. It can measured using inflatable rubber cuff, which is wrapped around the upper arm and connected to an apparatus that records pressure. Two reading are obtained e.g. 120/90, the first number is called SYSTOLIC blood pressure – it indicates blood pressure during the heartbeat (systole), and the second number is called DIASTOLIC blood pressure – it indicates blood pressure while the heart is relaxed (diastole). Doctors classify patients as hypertensive when blood pressure is above 140/90. What makes blood pressure increase? It is like reducing the caliber of the jet of water connected to a faucet, you increase the pressure of the water. The same occurs with blood pressure – increasing the rate of flow of blood or decreasing the caliber of the blood vessel elevates blood pressure. It involved factors such as; Beyond our control – expert says that hypertension is hereditary or it’s in the genes. Research had discovered that if a person has relative with high blood pressure, his chances of suffering from the disease are greater. Within our control - these are thing we can do to prevent and control occurrence of high blood pressure. Listed are few things that we can do leading to healthy life-style and will eventually save us money; 1. Reduce your body weight 2. Lessen salt intake 3. Eat potassium-rich foods 4. Avoid alcohol drinks 5. Quit smoking 6. Exercise regularly 7. Monitor and Control your cholesterol level 8. Observe Stress therapy 9. Check and Control blood sugar if your diabetic 10. Take Calcium and Magnesium supplements

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