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28 February 2009

MRT scene

Lately, I cannot focus on the things that I have to do because i have a cough. It’s embarrassing to commute especially in the MRT (mass transportation) when you are coughing like a dog, you can feel the ackwardness’ from other commuters trying to contain you every time you exhaled and cough... a bit favorable for me though for keeping there distance [laugh]… Anyways, if you’re one of the hundreds of commuters patronizing the MRT on a regular basis, you have probably experienced being pushed and shoved; got cursed and provoked to a fist fight; got annoyed with stinking odor; and the worst is got hassled by "mandurukot"....And very unfortunately for girls who are being molested while standing inside the jam-packed train by perverts who "patay malisya" placing his hand on the girl private parts...but on the others wild imagination..they probablay thought these girls are there to enjoy also [laugh]. SO, in short MRT is not for the short-tempered ones...Anyways, there's this scene we saw on the other side of the track which is the LRT.  It was yesterday while im with the company friends Dieth and Oyo Boy, we took the LRT from Vito Cruz station to Bambang station…the train was also jam-packed with commuters.. we heard some shouting while the train is about to stop at Carriedo station. One commuter reacted madly when he got accidentally shoved by another passenger who was trying to get-off the train in hurry. While the train at stop, the two begun exchanging bad words and provoking each other to a fist fight and they are only about 2 feet away from each other so we are getting ready for a big fight, but we only heard sprouting of words from the two.

“ano! halika dito sa baba”
said the one in the platform;
“ano! Halika dito sa loob”
replied by the one inside the train. In dismay, my friend Dieth, teasingly shouted
“hooo! Suntukan na!”
until the door closes to depart.
It’s a funny moment for us and we thought that we just saw a commercial takes for instant noodles because they are both chicken!

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