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02 March 2009

Summer time!

Summer season is about to start, though we had a taste of scorching heat early February. For many, summer is all about relaxation and vacation but not for those who doesn't have the luxury of time and money anymore. All i can do know is reminisce, usually we used to go to our friend's "tuko" rest house near the beach at Calaca, Batangas every summer. We're a group of seven, just a small quantity, but we always had are great time of our life when were out there. Anyways, I'm also been in some places and beaches in Palawan, because my wife is from Cuyo Island, and Mindoro and selected places in Mindanao. I dream of getting back in these places if time will permit. But my wildest dream is to sunbathe in nude with Marian Rivera in the beaches of El NIdo and Boracay (joke!) You can have so much fun if you have money to spend. So, if you have an exclusive budget for vacations i would suggest that you explore around the Philippines and discover hidden getaways. One recommended place is Camarines Sur GOTA Beach GOTA Beach,in Caramaon Peninsula, is the jump-off point to a host of exotic islets including Matukad, this season’s setting of Koh Lanta Caramoan, the French version of the reality show serial Survivor, has been listed among the best destinations in the world by Top Resa 2008 Paris, the biggest travel and trade show and tourism forum in France. Let's visit another spot next time.

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