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14 March 2009

My entrecard account was hacked!

Yesterday, I got an email from Entrecard informing that my account “derekengavin” was deleted from Entrecard because of this reason “pop up / redirect”. I don’t anything about this pop up / redirect thing that occur whenever someone visit my site… though, I was informed by other entrecard member about this…like, whenever he visit my site he was redirected to a…but I have no idea how to fix it. So, I just ignore it…thought it was a minor problem…well, not until today… Anyways, I cannot deny that aside from Adgitize, I commend Entrecard for my good alexa rating. I burn finger from hours of dropping just to earn credit at the same time draw traffic to my site and in an instant, will just wane because of these voracious hackers. I have emailed Entrecard inquiring how to reactivate my account.. Am still hoping my account will be reactivated…if somebody out there with the same experience i had and manage to fix it…please tell me how…

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1 comments on "My entrecard account was hacked!"

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be generous on March 17, 2009 at 2:00 PM said...

that's sad...tyr to work it out with entrecard..


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