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13 March 2009

Win $100 Cash and 2000 Entrecard Credits

This contest is open for everyone who own blogs site. Even more participation in the contest entitles you for a fabulous prize.Your mission is to post the entire descriptions given below along with the prize list in your blog sites. Free Giveaway Contest Memberwind.comThe all new is a jumbo website that has aptly answered the need for a one stop shop for all web design needs. The site is the brainchild of; a reputed Chennai based B2B Services Company that is well-known for its quality Web products and services.The purpose of the Memberwind site is to act as a common access point to six product websites of Crewind. It gives the users one year access to a range of web products like templates, icons, illustrations, banners, logos and brochures, all for a single membership fee of just $39. Apart from getting hassle free access to all the six sites for a single signup, the members also become eligible to access all the new products updated on these sites from time to time.The following are the six websites that can be accessed through Provides the finest website templates for various niches like automobile, software, real estate, business, entertainment, travel, flash templates and for many other categories. Provides professionally designed icons for various icon categories like button icons, Software, object icons, Sports icons, Web icons, Windows theme icons, entertainment, food icons, and the like. Provides stunning illustrations for health, software, real estate, beauty & fashion, mobile, sports, education, travel, & bar, professionals, family, child care, music and other categories. Offers outstanding banners for categories like Business, Health, Children, Wedding, Sports, Travel, Real Estate, Automobile, Beauty and more. Provides exclusive logos for themes like corporate, education, hosting, marketing, real estate, software and many others. The site offers quality brochures templates for Brochures, Flyers, Tri-folders, Postcards and more.You can signup for these six product sites by visiting and registering for your membership. The site also offers 24/7 customer support that you can make use of if you have any queries. Contest URL: Win $100 Cash and 2000 Entrecard Credit Deadline: April 2, 2009 How To Enter: click here to join The Prizes:These are the prizes for 3 winners: First PrizeGet $100 Cash Award Get 1000 EC from Second Prize Get $50 Cash Award Get 1000 EC from Third PrizeGet $25 Cash Award Any Two Joomla Templates from worth $60 Every participants will get $2 cash prize isn't that FUN! If you posted our contest on one of your blog you will get cash prize $2. Posts the contest on your other blogs and get more Cash prize.The Cash prizes are sponsor by

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