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22 May 2009

Eyes Wide Shut

Last Night, with almost a hundred million votes, Kris Allen was announced as the 2009 American Idol. But, it was Katrina Halili and Hayden Kho grabs the highest impression for their sex video. It was right after the tribute to our out-going General Manager, when we got the chance to watch the controversial sex video. I thought it was Pacquiao’s fight because momentarily, everybody’s eyes wide shut on their desktop not for their work, but for watching the video. Tremendously, this issue is hotter than the H1 N1 virus that Ph Department of Health recently announce of a positive case in Luzon….anyways, What will be the allusion of this video for Katrina’s booming career? Unconstructive of course…What’s next for Katrina? Well,

”she is a girl standing in front of the senate asking to be blameless”
. hmm…. May I ask, what for? It doesn’t matter anymore if Hayden Kho et al be convicted for their actions – but the fact is Katrina’s morale and personality has been damaged very badly, because she is a woman. And unlike with Hayden, even if his license as a doctor revoked or he got jailed for video-taping their sex act it would be just so, but this issue will subside in matter of time and restore his reputation easily, that's because he is a man and nothing to lose. …piteously, when a woman committed such a thing it would be an embarrassment for her family and denunciation for her, but for a man doing it would be like a normal thing…and probably, an added extra "pogi points" on his part...oftentimes, the word "privacy" disavow....that’s reality. Good thing though its almost election period and very timely for the politician to be enthused on Katrina's case.
whatever mistakes we have made and despite with everyone disagreement and differences in views and speculation..we all have to live for are own life....and, We are all accountable for the consequences of our actions...

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Anonymous said...

you have a point...women got easily exploited than men..


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