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19 May 2009

Nutritious Peels

Vit C Anyone?

I read an article about fruits and vegetables peel as the real deal nutritious and which already proven yet ignored by most of us by disgruntled taste bud… anyways, let’s be reminded – if you’re in the habit of peeling fruits and vegetables like I do, you too could be losing a lot of nutrients…here are some examples based on the research conducted by experts: APPLE skins have an anticancer effect –it has the same antioxidant potential as 820 mg of Vitamin C (equal to 2 quartz of orange juice). POTATO skin has far more fiber, iron, potassium and B Vitamins than its flesh. CITRUS peels contain D-limonene and other terpenes, hesperidin, coumarins and carotenoids, which are though to be particularly healthy. Probably the next time i will eat apple with PEELING….(laugh)

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